Monday, September 27, 2010

What Fun, What Fun

Last Berries of Summer.
This was such fun to make. It is another small piece, six by four inches, and despite the small dimensions, took a considerable while to complete all the stages of construction and sewing. I feel I am getting better at discerning between fabric, colours and textures. However it takes time, and a certain stillness of being. This bear has a partner storycloth which is on the way to completion. I really enjoyed working french knots on the sky. I also decided to try Janet Bolton's suggestion of adding little stars. It really does brighten the whole cloth up, and works very well with small pieces of silk fabric. I am surprised because I thought I would not like the addition.The left hand vertical bar is muslin dyed with brown onion skins, and the right hand side of the sky is silk dyed with wolf lichen. The colours aren't showing really well in this photo. The wolf lichen cloth is a pale lemon-y color.

At close of needle yesterday I had walked away from a jumble of scraps of fabric as I was still in the planning stage of Last Berries of Summer's second piece. This morning I have started afresh with morning eyes, and have nearly decided on the cloth choices for the second bear storycloth.

Happy stitching; and I love visiting everyone's blogs. A wonderful community of cloth makers.



  1. i like this ALOT!...very nice how the little
    berry bush is just outside...the bear's
    sweet snout just there as a bear would,
    coming upon the last harvest
    really a good good cloth

  2. Hi Grace - THANK YOU. I do feel as if I am making some progress design wise. My husband is bemused at how engrossed I become. I could keep working all night and all day and the next day to come... It is the quest for what works together. It is so exciting. So completing. Gx

  3. oh. this one is my favorite so far. love the bear sniffing the flowers. great job again.

  4. Hi Deanna - oh - thank you so much - it really helps to have feedback.I really value your perspective. It just feels great to think I am making a little bit of progress. I don't know what MY style will be in the long run but working on the small is certainly helping me get rid of clutter. Gx

  5. Gilly, This is so cute and reminds me of the black bear that got into my trash a few months ago. It was a surprise to him out there just having his way with my trash. And thanks for the post on my blog .. I always appreciate the comments. Today is still a day of experimentation inspite of the rain. :)dreamer/tammy

  6. Hi Tammy - I have slowly lost my intense fear of bears. I still would prefer not to meet one when out hiking. I love the forest animals tho'. Thank YOU for sharing your journey - it feels good to share hey!


  7. Gilly, this is a lovely, happy warm cloth. I think your bear has a good disposition and I like him (oops, her?) Also the colors...nice and woodsy.

  8. I love this! It's so beautifully put together....

  9. Oh, Gilly...Bear is spectacular. Love how he's snuffling at those berries. Just don't get between him and the berries!

  10. Thanks Suzanna- yes it really is happy cloth.

    Deb - well this is a great compliment. I am trying!

    Hi Penny - thanks heaps - I like the way you ahve personalised bear with your comments.