Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working Small

Bluebird at cut-out stage.
This is my developing version of Janet Bolton's 'Blue Bird in the Early Morning'. I am enjoying working small. It is easier to lay everything out and see what goes where. I am surprised at how small the bits of fabric are. Although I guess it shouldn't really be a surprise. Focusing on the small is a skill I'd like to nurture. Being still enough to see the small. Soak in it.

I am still experimenting here with colours. I spent time last night organising the background fabric. I wanted it to have a slightly pink hue for an early morning atmosphere. I cut beetroot and left it on the cloth overnight, rinsing it away this morning. The result is quite nice - it was already a slightly mottled fabric from a previous dye and now it looks very early morning-ish. Again, it was good to be handling small cloth. I have also pinked a piece of white sheeting which will become the backing cloth for the whole piece.

Beetroot dye for early morning background cloth.

I do not have ready access to pink flowers and so used the beetroot at hand. I would, however love to try pink dyeing from flowers as kaite has so beautifully demonstrated.

At close of needle yesterday I had completed all the pre-wash stitching on 'How Raven Wrecked a Wedding'. Now I have washed it and have a last stitch or two to do and then I will post the cloth. Well, there is one element that I will be grateful for some advice on, so at the time of posting, it will not be quite finished but v e e e ry close.

Happy stitching, Gilly


  1. the beetroot makes a great pink. you can also dry avocado peels and pits.

  2. sorry-- that should be 'try' avocado peels.

  3. hi Gilly, the mottled beetroot looks just like an early morning sky, lovely.
    also try beetroot leaves, red cabbage, the green avocado shells, red onion skins but not too many at a time as they are very strong, pink or red berries, cut pomegranate, pink food colouring, pink or red jelly crystals...the list goes on.
    thanks for the link, kaite

  4. i love your expression..."at close of needle" my needle closed late tonight...

  5. The pink hue from the beetroot looks great and I love all of the ideas from others as to getting your *pink hue*.
    I knew about the avocado skins/stone, but not so the others.
    Enjoying your blog and your art.

    Jacky xox

  6. Hi Gilly, you captured the morning sky. Love your blue bird and look forward to seeing him stitched.

  7. I hope you'll post the next stages of this.
    Also love Janet Bolton's work. It's what snagged my interest-simple elegance in her designs. I see that you're going to do some turned edge as well as some ragged edge applique. Keep us posted, please!

  8. Thankyou all for your comments. I still haven't tried the avocado skins. I didn't know about red onion skins. I have some so I'll try that too. Bluebird is looking quite nice now that he is stitched. I think all the edges will be turned in on this one. Have a good day. G x