Monday, September 20, 2010

Pleased at Last

Sunday Evening
This is my favourite small story cloth. It is my own design, inspired obviously, by Janet Bolton. Somehow this works. It almost glows. I want to pick it up, hold it, or admire it from a distance. There is something about it which draws me. Sunday Evening has a short story. This beautiful, horned, blue cow named Bella-mia, has been working hard on behalf of all cows who have been, and who are to come. She has been pleading with Rassey, magnificent She-wolf of the Underworld, to release all the cows who have not resolved their anger at the humans who mistreated them cruelly all their lives. Bella-mia is tired but sleeping happily under an enchanted sky on this particular Sunday evening. She is at peace because Rassey has agreed to release all the dead and angry cows in order that they forgive their cruel human masters and mistresses. All living creatures will be happier for this.

Sunday Evening is 7 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches.

At close of weekend needle I had completed Sunday Evening, completed Bluebird in the Early Morning, and dyed several lots of cloth. A wonderful weekend immersed in storycloth.

Happy stitching , Gilly.


  1. bella-mia is beautiful. love the story. i've always loved cows.

  2. This is a wonderful piece, Gilly. The story is delightful also.

  3. Love this story and picture that you have stitched into being .. beautiful!

  4. beautifully made little piece.

  5. I, too, am a fan of Janet Bolton's. Your pieces convey the same simple but fascinating qualities as hers.

    ArtL8dy at e14studio

  6. the cow, the moon, the stars... such a sweet combination into a heart story.

  7. And much to be pleased about! I bet it is a joy to hold.

  8. loved the story, and the cloth is beautiful.


  9. Deanna - yes me too. I love their eyes.

    Thanks Joei - the story has a good message I think.

    Thank you Dreamer - your walnut ink is inspiring me.

    Thanks jude - lifted my day.

    Hi Art - what a heart warming comment.

    Hey Nan - thanks - lovely to have you here.

    Hullo Deb - yes it really is a delight to hold.

    Hi T - good to see you - thankyou. Hope Spring is warming up there in Aus.