Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By Royal Mail

Royal Wedding memento cushion and lavender bag.
I received this lovely gift by Royal Mail yesterday. It is a Royal Wedding memento cushion as well as  the most fragrant lavender bag I have ever smelled. Glorious. They are gifts from Gill after her dog had selected my name for her Royal giveaway! Thank you Gill!

I am off to the land downunder to spend time with my family as my Dad recovers from a medical emergency.

One good thing at a difficult time - I will be able to hand deliver the Bird House to my grandsons.

Happy stitching, and I'll be back here soon, Gilly

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cloth Coil Bird House and Thankyou

Bird House with doors closed
This has been a while in the making. It is a Bird House for my two grandsons. It is a Bird House of particular ilk! It is the home of a special type of bird - one that sits on little baby teeth, relinquishing them to the tooth fairy in exchange for a gold coin when he or she visits during the night. She hopes that the tooth fairy will find her nest without unnecessary delay and to this end has placed some clear signage inside the doors. When the boys lose a tooth it must be placed very carefully in the nest under the bird and the doors left wide open for the tooth fairy's visit. In the morning the boys will know whether the tooth fairy has been if the doors are securely closed. The tooth fairy always shuts the door behind him/her to make sure the gold coin is kept safe from predators!

Bird House with doors open for the tooth fairy.
Overall I enjoyed constructing this. It was a bit fussy and took way longer than anticipated. However it is made out of fine linen  and soft cotton and so feels lovely to the touch. I find it very hard to think in terms of making things for little boys. I have two grandsons and a third one on the way. No grand daughters on the horizon! Well, I hope the boys are okay with having a tooth fairy visiting house that is not an alligator, or train, or cricket bat. They have one that is a Bird House.

Closer view.
 I have a thank you to make to Nat for a lovely gift for me when I became her 200th follower. It is all the way from my home country, Australia and I am very thrilled. The pin cushion goes so well with my large coiled work basket. The blue moons are extremely timely as I am taking jude's SunMoonStars course.  (I have made a small start attuning my mind to this course by placing a star on the Bird House above)

Beautiful gift from Nat. Thanks Nat!
At close of weekend needle I had sewn more coils on the still-in-progress basket. However I am thinking about what to begin making for SunMoonStars. A break from coils will be quite okay for awhile.

Happy stitching everyone, Gilly