Wednesday, May 18, 2011

By Royal Mail

Royal Wedding memento cushion and lavender bag.
I received this lovely gift by Royal Mail yesterday. It is a Royal Wedding memento cushion as well as  the most fragrant lavender bag I have ever smelled. Glorious. They are gifts from Gill after her dog had selected my name for her Royal giveaway! Thank you Gill!

I am off to the land downunder to spend time with my family as my Dad recovers from a medical emergency.

One good thing at a difficult time - I will be able to hand deliver the Bird House to my grandsons.

Happy stitching, and I'll be back here soon, Gilly


  1. hope all is well. take care. look forward to having you back.

  2. Gilly, today on my blog, some fabric basket..........Happy for your lavender memory bag!!!Regards from France