Monday, October 4, 2010

What to Add?

What to add?

To date, I have sewn this ram and cat onto cloth and do not know what to add next. I have tried a sun and some flowers. But I am really at a loss. I think one of the reasons for my confusion is that while this piece is a small cloth, at eight and a half by five and a half inches, it is actually about twice as big as I have been working with. It seems there is so much space, and my propensity for clutter is overwhelming all sensible thought. Hahhaha.

Any suggestions most welcome as I am struck immobile over it.

On a lighter note we went rafting with sockeye on the weekend. It was such a beautiful and exhilarating experience that I thought I'd share a happy pic.

There were a couple of jokesters on board.

We had a great weekend. I returned home after rafting alive with retained sensory impressions - colour, texture, smells, intertwining shapes, sounds of the river and human laughter. Plus I was suffused with a sense of reverence for the sockeye journey, somewhat torn over whether we should have been there at all. I do not see a huge division between humans and other animals.

At close of weekend needle I was still considering future moves over the ram and cat cloth.

Happy stitching, Gilly


  1. how about some trees in the background? maybe also a path into the forest of trees. i love're getting real good at this. enjoyed the pictures of your adventure.

  2. Think I might have put a swallow airbourne above the cat on the wall, situated to the left side? Maybe runnign stitches to show his flight path? And maybe a very small daisy down by the ram, or in his mouth even lol
    Its lovely, I love this simple style which I know takes a great deal of thought to make it work so well!

  3. Gilly, the ram, who is very appealing, definitely looks like he's seriously listening to something...sometimes when I'm stumped I put in the current phase of the moon, for historical purposes...

  4. this rafting looks fabulous gilly. And it looks like you has a wonderful time. I like the way the ram cloth is progressing too.


  5. That rafting must have been amazing. You should come to the Bay of Fundy and ride the tidal wave that occurs with every incoming tide! About the goat and cat....I find that I really like the look of the two black head pins! Someone suggested a bird between the car and goat; but I think it should be a black fly. The fly would be irritating the goat but fascinating the cat.

  6. for some reason... i saw a mouse there! and then maybe a cloud in the sky to mirror the ram. i can't believe i am giving you ideas... you who are so good at story telling and stitching!

  7. Hi Gilly, I haven't been here for some time and now I suddenly see lots of lovely cloths like Janet Bolton (I have one of her books too, and saw the pieces on an exhibition in Holland quite some years ago: they are so cute "in real life" !!!) I started blogging too ;-)) (

  8. Hi,
    I have just come across your blog and I really do like this piece! Love the ram and the cat ... my eye is travelling upwards and if I were to add anything, maybe something celestial!
    Very best wishes,
    Barbara ~ from brushes and cloth

  9. hey... thanks so much for stopping by with your sweet words... means a lot!

  10. Hi Gilly! I'm catching up on blogs and so thrilled to see your Janet Bolton style pieces. They are wonderful! I especially love Sunday Evening. I was lucky enough to take a class with Janet last month. She is very warm and friendly, but still a very proper English lady. I'm sure she'd be thrilled too, to see your amazing works. I look forward to more!

  11. gilly...i think they are listening to something

  12. Thank you all very much for your suggestions and observations.I am going to try them all out and see what I think. I agree that they seem to be listening to something and I am focusing on this in my thoughts. Your comments mean so much to me. Gillyx