Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Hand

Gead's hand, which, to this day, can be seen in the Land of Many Suns.
It had been decreed before Time began that Gead must marry the fair Glorious who shimmers with all the colors of rosy dawn over Big Lake on a perfect Spring morning. Raven tricked Gead's father, Spirit Bear, into thinking Gead had married the wrong person. Spirit Bear was so angry at what he thought was his son's disobedience that he punished both Gead and his new wife (who was really Glorious in jester form). Spirit Bear held Gead's wedded hand, and blew an ill wind, a whirly-whirly of red dust over the shamed couple.  Gead's hand was instantly removed and flung to a far rock in the Land of Many Suns, a parched and magical land overseen by Old Mother Emu. The wedded couple also vanished on the wind, transported to the Land of Many Suns, where they remained inert as rock for three hundred years.

The backing cloth is finished and ready to attach. I can imagine completion now. Well, almost. I am finding it difficult to know what stitching to do as a final embellishment. The design is busy and I want to tone it down rather than rev it up. First things first though, and that means today is the day for attaching the backing to the main storypiece.

Happy stitching, Gilly


  1. the last stitching is always an interesting decision.

  2. I am Liz, I wasn't part of the patchwork beasts project, but I did participate in one of Jude's earlier workshops.
    I enjoy your work ( i have read all of the blog posts) and you tell a wonderful story. Are you considering showing the full piece ? Your appear to show only highlights. From an outsiders point of view it is fragmented and it is hard to comprehend what you are referring to - and I am intrigued as to what the story is about!
    ( I found you blog from a comment you left on Jude's blog a few days ago)

  3. Thanks jude and Grace- you both have a way of settling me.

    Hi Liz - thank you very much for your questions and comments. The whole storycloth will be posted soon. I wanted to put up the charcters first - almost as if they are preludes to the main performance. I agree that when looking over the photos it is hard to see the whole. I am aware that only frgaments of the story have been posted so far.It will all be posted together next week. I'll hop over to your blog today. Thanks again, Gillyx