Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Backing Cloth Breakthrough

Old Mother Emu

I am very glad I decided to continue working on 'How Raven Wrecked a Wedding' because, after trying several different backing cloths, I found one that seems to tie in all the disparate elements of the storycloth. It makes such a huge difference, I am amazed. Old Mother Emu is one of the reasons for my enlarging the cloth, in order to incorporate her. The story moves from Deep Dark Forest to a hot, dry land, you can guess where.  I am an Australian living in Canada and it feels good to have a story that spans both lands.

Today, I am going to attach the backing fabric. I will think about final touches such as stitches, small pieces of cloth that I might add. I am hoping that with the backing cloth added it will become clearer what more I need to do. It is not an ideal composition but it is eye catching and, I hope, not for all the wrong reasons. I will post the whole cloth soon.

Time permitting today I am also hoping to construct the background of a much smaller cloth and see how that compares to working the current raven storycloth. Can't wait.

Happy stitching, Gilly


  1. oh this is just great! love this blog.

  2. oh emu is wonderful. love that sleepy eye.

  3. Hummmm, this is going to be a fascinating journey. Very intrigued by the large versus small entry.

  4. I really like Mother Emu, Gilly...her way of standing is terrific! Really nice to read your thoughts on here...

  5. Thanks Jude - name came from you when you commented in class that my forest cloth was a storycloth.

    Thanks Deanna, wise old mumma.

    Hi Joei - great to have you visit and share my journey. I'm surprised how helpful the blog is in organising my pathway forward. Visits and comments really assist.x

    Suzanna, I really appreciate your positive visit - thankyou.

  6. oh yes, Emu needs a large space to run in...k.

  7. Lovely blog, Gilly...will add you to my sidebar. I was inspired to start my blog during Jude's workshop too!

  8. Yes, haha kaite - for sure. It is just great touching Australia through you, thanks.

    Thanks Penny, same to you re lovely blog.