Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home without Walls

Rainbow Bird bringing the key to release Gead and Glorious.
I found it curious yesterday, whilst commenting on jude's page, that I referred to this blog as 'over home'. It seemed so natural for these words to tumble out. Many years ago I read somewhere (and so cannot reference unfortunately) of a visitor to Virginia Woolf's residence, writing that he/she felt physically prevented from entering Virginia's study, so strong was the emanation of Virginia's spirit. I remember at the time, I was only young, wondering at how a person could so suffuse an environment with a sense of themselves that others perceived a physical barrier to entry. Over the years I have developed some strengths in  relaxing into myself, submitting to myself, knowing myself. In fact, relatively recently I recognised a desire to have my very own workroom, both for study and storycloth. Maybe one day that will happen. So, perhaps it is unremarkable, it is certainly with delight, that the words 'over home' tumbled out yesterday. Writing this blog, organising my thoughts, documenting my storycloth, sharing with a wonderful community, feels really, really good. It feels like home.

Cloth-wise, yesterday was great. I had one of those arcs in a creative cycle where things seem to fall into place. By this I refer to more than putting this particular cloth together. I also made progress laying down some foundations from which I will draw principles in future design work. At close of needle yesterday the backing cloth was almost ready to attach. Today, I have an inclination to add a little more in a couple of areas.

So the process takes longer than I have estimated each day. The fun in expansion, contraction, meditation as I 'hop-scotch' along the path the cloth takes me, is another story in itself. A long drink of mountain water. Storycloth.

Happy stitching, Gilly


  1. wonderful stitching on rainbow bird--glorious colors.

  2. Thanks Deanna - I have never known the order of the rainbow colors - maybe I do now , let's see: red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. Just checked and think I'm right. Well, I have learned something this week. Haha Gx

  3. hi Gilly, yes it can feel like home when you're becoming really comfortable with it, i like to think it's my "cubby house" and i play and re-decorate it as such. I like your word play and your colour play with the rainbow bird, and is that a bit of old blankie i can see behind him?
    ROY G BIV - that's the way to remember the rainbow colours. cheers, kaite

  4. Hi Kaite - yes, it is like cubby house or a doll's house. Feels good to keep it in order. No blankie, just a piece of thickish muslin. Have a good day. Gilly.

  5. Hi Gilly,

    Lovely to see your new blog...lots to see and very intersting reading.
    Your story cloth is really all the stitching and fabrics, the story evolving.
    I love Janet Boltons work and enjoying the quotes you share with interesting.
    Will be back to visit again soon.

    Jacky xox

  6. Hi Gilly, am enjoying not only your stitching but your writings as well.

  7. Hey Jacky - great to see you. I'll visit you too. I am getting excited at the thought of completed cloth. Gx

    Hi Penny, thanks. The writing is a lot of fun - more than I realised. See you on your blog too. Gx