Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sneak Preview

2010 Gifts for my Family. From Top Left to right: A Call to Gather, Two Rabbits Gambolling in Summer Flowers, Last Berries in Summer (x2), Sunday Evening, Two Angels with Goodnight Wishes, Two Bears Floating, Crossing Paths Homeward.
I have been very busy over the last week or so (thanks for noticing Nan) writing final papers for my study as well as finishing these storycloths. Well, I haven't quite finished them but as I will not be able to post now until the New Year I wanted to put them up to show. As you can see I have finished the second bear cloth as well as made changes to the original Last Berries in Summer. I was not happy with the colors and depth of tone and it took quite a bit of work for me to be relatively content. In fact, the bears have now become one of my favourites. It probably helps that I have completed all the final surface stitching on this pair. Oh, that was a really satisfying process. I can't wait now to work further on some of the others pictured. I am also very glad that I persevered with changing aspects of the bearcloths because I very nearly gave up. But, as perhaps you might agree, they convey a sort of charm now. The other newy is the rabbit storycloth. It is called Two Rabbits Gambolling in Summer Flowers. To my mind, it is full of fun and  happy Summer-y movement. One other positive alteration is in the bottom cloth, Crossing Paths Homeward. You may recall that I was not happy with the original darker moon. I think the new moon is much more in keeping with the subtle tones of watery twilight.

I want to express the depth of satisfaction that making these cloths over the past few weeks has given me. I began working on small cloth, following examples and hints in Janet Bolton's Patchwork Folk Art, when I realised I needed some clear structure with which to begin to find my own voice in cloth. I am so glad I did. I would never have thought I would find satisfaction in this sort of design work. I have always had a propensity for just letting anything and everything roll out of me. I have enjoyed this so much that I will continue in this way for the moment. Next year I hope to take some of judes Whispering Classes and it will be interesting to see what happens with my creative journey then. I love jude's work, and derive immense enjoyment from reading, and interacting with, her blog.

So, in appreciation at this time of the year it is appropriate to say thanks to the chief sources of my inspiration, my Mum, who sent me Janet's book, Janet Bolton and jude, as well as my blogging friends with without whom my storycloth world would be significantly less rich.

At close of needle last night after stitching for hours, I pinned all my gift cloths up ready for the photo this morning. Now I will take them down to pack for Christmas.

Wishng you all a peaceful holiday stitching season, Gilly


  1. wishing you the same for the holiday season. you certainly have accomplished a lot in the past few months.

  2. DEAR!Gilly...what you have done! i love your
    words about too..that you are content...
    it has been so good to travel along with you
    and i hope that goes on and on and on. Yes..
    will look forward to the Whispering...have
    the exact holiday season that you wish to..
    much love, grace

  3. Such a journey since Jude's classes! It seems like we are all developing our own styles. Have a warm and wonderful Christmas season.

  4. Your story cloths are amazing. I think my favorite is the rabbits. So, the tough part is done. The stories have been completed. Now, the fun part starts (to my mind). The embellishing with stitch... magic!
    ;~) Debi

  5. how wonderful to look at them all together. happy holidays to you gilly and we will see you upon your return!

  6. congratulations on ALL these pieces! this is the 2nd time today I've seen reference to Janet Bolton so I'm going to order her book from the library a.s.a.p.!

  7. Oh this is all so wonderful! Wishing you much joy and peace...

    P.S. Wanted to let you know that I can't post comments on your blog unless I log into Google, might be a problem for others that don't have a Google/blogger ID set up. :)

  8. I discovered the book you mentioned by Janet Bolton in a thrift shop for less than $2. I knew when I bought it, I got the deal of the century! I bought another one of her books at the Houston Quilt Festival this year. I've been greatly inspired by her pieces and must tell you that you capture her creativity and whimsy quite well.
    Sharon at e14studio

  9. your story cloths are amazing, you certainly have some extraordinary work displayed here. Gorgeous....

    have a wonderful 11


  10. How are you doing Gilly? Did you have a good holiday? ...

  11. the bull resting. wonderful.
    and Happy New Year to you gilly! hope you had a wonderful holiday season...

  12. Happy New Year and thanks for your comment!
    I love these little treasures and their simple and well-chosen shapes. J and I were really enchanted. The names we give each other are included. No, not "cow", "whale" or "elephant", but the rest is an easy guess.